Polished Porcelain Sealer

Polished Porcelain Sealer

Available in 1 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 5 Ltr

Waterbased impregnating sealer for all types of polished porcelain. Helps prevent against staining. Allows surface to breathe. Read more…

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  • Non hazardous
  • High performance
  • Nano technology
  • Up to 10 years protection
  • Low odour VOC free
  • Invisible protection
  • Easy to apply
Application 1 ltr 5 ltr
Polished surfaces 30 M² per coat 150 M² per coat

Product Description

Water based impregnating sealer that is suitable for interior & exterior use. Suitable for all types of polished porcelain.

Natural finish water based impregnating sealer. Provides minimal change to the original appearance. Helps protect against staining. Strongly repels water, oil and grease. Allows surface to breathe.

How porous is my floor surface?

To assess the porosity of the surface, apply a small amount of water and time how long it takes to start to absorb.

Low Porosity

Water absorbed within 1 hour or longer

Medium Porosity

Water absorbed within 15 minutes

High Porosity

Water absorbed within 5 minutes